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Fantasy Island

by MrAniman2


In stock:
300 blocks
350 blocks
150 blocks
  • This build can be used on SG, PVP, RPG, Survival, Creative and possibly even on faction servers.

    This build features fantasy and medieval themed structures. It's perfect spawn if you want to provide beautiful/explorable spawn area for your players and well made map with various caves and houses (with interior) if you want to use it for SG or RPG servers. It's advised to paste this build in the water/ocean and afterwards select the region and do [//setbiome jungle], jungle biome will give it more beautiful and contrasting colors.

    There are no large scale details (like gigantic pixel arts or plants)...everything was made in small scale for players to interact with and enjoy.

    I have also included optional spawn platform (small sky island) in case you want to use this map for SG or PVP games.

    - Designed spawn platform;
    - Small shop area
    - 3 small info boards;
    - Many unique houses in various themes
    - Interior is done for 70% of the houses (mostly it's 1 small room in each house);
    - Area for few crates;
    - Multiple underground tunnels; (there are skulls near the exit/entrance)
    - Portal;
    - And many more features;
    - Small spawn island in the sky.


    MORE PICTURES you can view here: https://imgur.com/a/GoaHu

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