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Tau Ceti d | Prison Map

by Foxy


In stock:
688 blocks
688 blocks
194 blocks
Prison Mines
This canyon-filled alien world map includes a futuristic tower overlooking a complete prison mine installation. The map contains 9 prison mines. By default, there are 3 ore, 3 wood, and 3 sand mines, however each can be changed to another type of mine if needed, and there is plenty of room for expansion if desired. Although intended for prison server use, the terrain is diverse enough to be used for other game modes such as PvP, survival, or as a general roleplay-adventure map.

Map Features:
3 Ore Mines
3 Wood Mines
3 Sand Mines
Spawn Tower
Spaceship Hangar with Portal

*Compatible with versions 1.11.2 and above.
*Schematic is 688x688 blocks (or 43x43 chunks) and 194 blocks tall.
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