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Rhapsody-class Spaceship | Full Prison Server Map

by Foxy


In stock:
400 blocks
247 blocks
134 blocks
Prison Mines
This futuristic escort carrier comes complete with a full interior centered around prison game modes, and is essentially an entire ready-to-play prison server contained in a ship. Inside, you'll find tons of futuristic rooms containing facilities common across most prison servers such as mines, bathrooms, cells, a market, etc. as well as miscellaneous and multipurpose rooms designed around spaceship functions like engine rooms.

Although intended for prison server use, the interior is diverse enough to be easily used for other game modes such as PvP, Hide and Seek, or general Roleplay/Adventure.

The ship is divided into 5 layers. From bottom to top they are:
Floors 1-2: Block Y (maximum security)
Floors 3-4: Block B
Floors 5-6: Block C
Floors 7-8: Public Spaces (lobby and spawn room)
Floors 9-10: Block A

Server Features:
-Spawn room with rule or message boards
-Large hangar-themed lobby with 4 portals
-5 Ore mines
-2 Wood mines
-1 Sand mine (can be converted to different mine if desired)
-3 Cell halls, containing 27 cells each (81 total)
-Player market with 53 rentable stalls
-Small PvP arena room
-Several different types of furnace rooms (some rentable and some public)
-Scattered bathrooms and nurse's offices
-Maximum security level
-Checkpoints at the entrances to each block
and still much more

*Compatible with versions 1.11.2 and above.
*Schematic is 400 blocks long, 247 blocks wide, and 134 blocks tall.
*Depending on the program you use to import this to Minecraft, you may need to manually relight some rooms if they appear abnormally dark.
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