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Tau Ceti e | 24-Player Survival Games Map

by Foxy


In stock:
688 blocks
688 blocks
189 blocks
24 Player Maps
Science Fiction
This colorful alien world map includes a Ligurian-style town between beaches and mountains with intricate terrain and forests with fantastic extraterrestrial flora, all under a bright aurora. The map is intended for 24-player Survival Games PvP, but can easily function as a PvP map for other game modes like QSG, a single or multiplayer survival map (ores included in terrain), or as a general roleplay-adventure map.

For PvP game modes, the unique trench-filled design of the terrain allows for more strategic PvP gameplay, and the town is fully explorable with open buildings and a maze-like layout. Includes a starting cornucopia near the center of the map

For survival game modes, the terrain is fully populated with ores and caves. Through villager trading, players are able to obtain ender pearls required for filling this end portal.

*To avoid setup issues, chests have not been scattered across the map.
*Compatible with versions 1.11.2 and above.
*Schematic is 688x688 blocks (or 43x43 chunks) and 189 blocks tall.
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