1. Premium City Lobby

    Premium City Lobby 1.0

    Disclaimer: The map must have /gamerule randomTickSpeed on 0 else the ferns, nether warts and leaves will disappear If you do not see the heads, please reconnect after you paste the schematic
  2. [Hub] » Modern Age » 860x860

    [Hub] » Modern Age » 860x860 Featured 0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION ∎ The coolest modern city ∎ Size: 860x860 ∎ Interiors: Yes (1. floor only) ∎ Versions: 1.16 - 1.19+ ∎ 38 NPCs (editable) ∎ Nether portal can be created behind you under the arc ∎ Area for store ∎ Beautiful first floor interiors ∎ Spawnpoint ∎ Huge buildings ∎ Many streets ∎...
  3. Red Hub ⫸ Medieval town ⫸ 450x400

    Red Hub ⫸ Medieval town ⫸ 450x400 1.0

    Red Hub ⫸ 3D Model: -Click Here- ⫸ Map information Dimensions » 450x400 « ❖ Place for 5 NPCs ❖ Spawn point ❖ Houses ❖ Castle ❖ Towers ❖ Waterfall ❖ Ships ❖ Forest ❖ Islands ❖ lighting ❖ Ship port ◈ and much more... ➲ Download Files ZiP File Regular map world. 1.8/1.14.4 Schematic...
  4. ⭐ KOMPLETTES CITYBUILD ⭐ Booster, Votesystem etc.⭐ SOURCECODE

    ⭐ KOMPLETTES CITYBUILD ⭐ Booster, Votesystem etc.⭐ SOURCECODE 1.8

    | FUNKTIONEN | CaseOpening mit Belohnungen Booster (FlyBooster, LootBoster) Vote Funktion, einfaches Voten für den Server mit Belohnungen Autobroadcaster mit Werbung für deinen Onlineshop | COMMANDS | – /Adminitems – /Booster (Leichte integration für BuyCraft, verfügbare booster: FlyBooster...
  5. Floating City ❯ Lobby [300x200]

    Floating City ❯ Lobby [300x200] 1.1

    Description: It is High Quality Lobby with big statue and lot of more go discover it. Minecraft versions : 1.8+ - 1.16.+ Includes: • Spawn • A lot of places to place NPC or ScoreBoards • Castle • Big Floating Village • Spawn Point • and lots of more... Additional Information: ❯ By purchasing...
  6. [Lobby] - Pixelmon Spawn - 500x500

    [Lobby] - Pixelmon Spawn - 500x500 0.1

    PRODUCT INFORMATION - A place where pokemons come to reality Size: 500x500 Interiors: Yes Versions: 1.8 - 1.18+ ∎ Places for 4 NPCs (can be managed by you) ∎ Places for 4 small portals (can be managed by you) ∎ Big nether portal ∎ Customizable interiors ∎ 5 Market tents ∎ 2 Leaderboards/Tables...
  7. [Lobby] - Huge Modern City - 450x450

    [Lobby] - Huge Modern City - 450x450 0.1

    Huge Modern City PRODUCT INFORMATION Welcome to the huge modern city, surrounded by water where is electricity provided by wind turbines Size: ≈ 450x450 Versions: 1.8 - 1.18 ∎ Places for 9 NPCs ∎ Places for 2 Crates ∎ Giant portal next to spawn ∎ 2x Info table ∎ Places for server stuff ∎...
  8. Midtown | Dense city area

    Midtown | Dense city area 0.1

    A community of buildings stood tall together in the city centre. Each of the Buildings had its own heartbeat, its own soul, a kind of ether that bonded the people of the place into their own groove and vibe. -Interiors in shops included.
  9. City Koth/ Pvp Arena

    City Koth/ Pvp Arena 2018-09-07

    City themed build that can be used as a koth or pvp arena. Build size: 150x150
  10. City of the Great Desert

    City of the Great Desert 0.1

    The City has 4 major building: The palace (with a lots of room and a throne room) A bank (In front of the palace) A statue hall (the long building) A temple (with yellow dome) Furthermore there is 2 main road, 3 gate and a lake.
  11. Medieval Village

    Medieval Village 1.0

    Beautiful medieval/fantasy style village. Mini version of Arvalone city build which can be found here: Dimensions: 140 x 140 Build requires minimal to none terraforming just use //paste -a and it shouldn't require any more terraforming...
  12. Medieval City

    Medieval City 1.0.1

    Beautiful medieval/fantasy style city which provides a lot of explorable area for your players. This map can be used for RPG, Creative, Survival and maybe even Faction servers as well as for some mini games like hide n seek, hunger games etc. Built using mainly wood and gray materials (stone)...
  13. Tropical Fantasy - Server lobby / hub

    Tropical Fantasy - Server lobby / hub 2018-01-24

    Tropical Fantasy is a multi-use server lobby and hub. It can be used for anything from main lobby, waiting lobby, sky block spawn and much, much more. The lobby is easily customizable to fit your needs. Found in this lobby: - small village / city - jumping puzzle / parkour - multiple floating...
  14. City of Undefined Gravity - Server lobby / hub

    City of Undefined Gravity - Server lobby / hub 1.0

    City of Undefined Gravity is a multi-use server lobby or hub. It is based off a futuristic city whose base is built on an unique island equipped with machinery to make sure that the city stands sturdy. The lobby is fairly big, and is great for players to explore. This lobby will for sure create...
  15. Minecraft Mittelalter Stadt - Server Spawn

    Minecraft Mittelalter Stadt - Server Spawn 1.0

    ☀️Note: This is large scale build and I highly recommend to have at least 2 gb of ram allocated to your server before attempting to paste this build with FastAsyncWorldEdit! (You should use FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin and //paste -a or McEdit) This map can be used for RPG, creative, survival and...
  16. Steampunk Wartelobby

    Steampunk Wartelobby 2017-05-03

    Heute präsentiere Ich euch eine kleine Wartelobby im steampunk Stil. Das Build enthält einen Marktplatz in der Mitte mit unzähligen kleinen Marktständen drumherum, zudem ist das ganze Szenario von vielen kleinen bis großen Gebäuden umringt, um dem ganzen die passende Atmosphäre zu gewährleisten...
  17. Arabic Minecraft City

    Arabic Minecraft City 2017-03-25

    Die arabische Stadtkarte, die Sie für verschiedene Spielmodi wie eine qsg Karte, pvp Karte oder als Adventuremap verwenden können. Diese Karte wurde von TrixBuilding Team erstellt. Video: The Arabic city map wich you can use for different game modes such as a qsg...


    Das sind vier Bedwars Maps, welche im gleichen Stil, wie mein Projekt City In The North gebaut wurden. Die mittleren Insel sind besonders einfach gehalten, um die perfekte PVP Action zu erfahren. Das Pack besteht aus 4 einzelnen Schematics für je eine Map. These...
  19. Minecraft Server Spawn – Future

    Minecraft Server Spawn – Future 2016-10-30

    Der Minecraft Server Spawn – Future ist eine kleiner Server-Hub. Am Ende jeder Straße befinden sich ein Portal. Insgesamt gibt es vier Portale. Damit die Spieler die Hub nicht verlassen, können gibt es eine Kuppel aus unsichtbaren Barriereblöcken. In diesem Video kannst du dir den Server Spawn...


    Das ist City In The North. Dabei handelt es sich um eine kleine Stadt, die auf einer einzelnen Insel gelegen ist. Der Spawnpunkt befindet sich in der Festung an sich. Es ist möglich die Insel zu erkunden. Somit kann man kleinere Features für die eigenen Spielmodi erstellen. 1. Video: 2...