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Minecraft Mittelalter Stadt - Server Spawn

by MrAniman2


In stock:
470 blocks
444 blocks
96 blocks
  • ☀️Note: This is large scale build and I highly recommend to have at least 2 gb of ram allocated to your server before attempting to paste this build with FastAsyncWorldEdit!
    (You should use FastAsyncWorldEdit plugin and //paste -a or McEdit)

    This map can be used for RPG, creative, survival and maybe even faction servers as well as for some mini games like hide n seek, hunger games and of course also for pvp games etc.

    Some of the features:
    • There are more than 20 houses (almost all are unique)
    • 10+ tower/high wall structures
    • Inside/interior is made for around 70% of the houses (some houses have 2 floors...some just one floor or a small room)
    • Almost all walls/towers are climbable (accessible by players)
    • There is a shop/info area under one of the houses
    • Large portal (located in the forest)
    • Underground tunnels
    • Some caves around the map
    • Organic - water dragon
    • Beautiful terrain around the city
    • Unique mountain design.
    • Forest was made in a way so it actually feels like a forest instead of random placed trees.... to achieve this i had to create a whole set of custom trees (like 30+)
    ...and many more features. I highly suggest to take a look on picture album and 3D preview!

    Extra pictures (+default) you can see here: http://imgur.com/a/YcbVC


    After purchase you will receive .zip file containing schematic (pasting position - bottom corner) and text file with instructions if you are not sure how to paste it properly on your server.
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