FriendSystem V2 | 1.8.x-1.18.x | BungeeCord + Spigot + MySQl + GUI + Sourcecode

FriendSystem V2 | 1.8.x-1.18.x | BungeeCord + Spigot + MySQl + GUI + Sourcecode

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Minecraft Version
  1. 1.18
  2. 1.17
  3. 1.16
  4. 1.15
  5. 1.14
  6. 1.13
  7. 1.12
  8. 1.11
  9. 1.10
  10. 1.9
  11. 1.8
I want to present you my friendsystem. This system should help you to manage your friends. Moreover, you get a gui where you can manage your friends in an easy way.

The plugin will run on spigot 1.8-1.18 and the newest version of Bungeecord. In addition this plugin requires java version 8 and MySQl connection. In case you run it on spigot 1.18 you need newer java version (java 17).
Make sure this plugin has been developed for German servers. As a result, the messages are in German. If you want to run this plugin on different languages, you have to translate the messages.yml values.

You will receive a .zip folder with 2 jar files and 2 folders. The folders are the sourcecode made for developers.
1) Put the FriendSystem_Bungee into your BungeeCord plugins folder
2) Put the FriendSystem_Bukkit into your Bukkit plugins folder
3) Run both servers
4) Stop both servers
5) Implement the mysql connection by updating the mysql values in the config.yml of both plugins.
6) Run both servers! -> Setup finished


+ You can put friends to your friendlist
+ You can manage your friends in a GUI
+ You can write personal message
+ You can edit the full configurations
+ You need mysql connection
+ Partysystem Query(No partysystem)
↳ runs a bungeecord command
↳ needs a partysystem

+ /friend add <name> | Sends a request to other players
+ /friend remove <name> | Removes a friend from your friendlist
+ /friend accept <name> | Accepts a friendrequest
+ /friend deny <name> | Denys a friendrequest
+ /friend list | Shows a list of your friends
+ /friend requests | Shows a list of your requests
+ /friend jump <name> | Jumps to a friend
+ /friend status text| Set a status to your profile
+ /msg <name> <text> | Send a personal message to your friend
+ r <text> | Reply your friend

+ friend.allowstate
+ friend.changeglass
You can edit the permissions in the config.yml

I hope you enjoy my friendsystem! I would appreciate if you rate my plugin.
For improvements, you can contact me to give me some ideas for this plugin.


Tested versions: 1.8, 1.12.2, 1.18.1










- added friend quit message
- >1.8 version support
- many performance updates
- non repeating mysql connection thread
- better PartyQuery based on pluginmessaging
- more configurations (In config.yml)
- config.yml & messages.yml design update
- improved table update if someone changes his username
- namechange bug fix
- implemented /r to respond faster
- set your status with /friend status
- last online display
- custom glass change
- new mysql table structure
- bugfixes
First release

Latest updates

  1. FriendSystem V2.1

    - added friend quit message
  2. FriendSystem V2.0

    - >1.8 version support - many performance updates - non repeating mysql connection thread -...